Wemade places great value on
growth, responsibilities,
and achievement.

Wemade’s Vision

The world is always becoming better than it was, thanks to someone’s dreams becoming reality.
Starting with games, to continue on to various cultural dimensions in turning boundless imagination into reality: that is the vision of Wemade.

Wemade’s value system, WEMADE

Wemade’s core values consist of growth, responsibilities, and achievement.
Wemade’s main objectives are as follows: the completion of each individual’s responsibilities, which will lead to achievement, which will result in corporate growth. The company aims to enable individuals to identify and learn about the virtuous cycle of this value system not by mandating it with laws or rules, but by sharing the company's vision:
through the sharing of common goals; with the granting of suitable roles and rights; and with fair and clear rewards. This is called Wemade e.

The implication of cycle-e

Wemade’s value system circulates in the shape of the lower case e. This is what the e symbolizes.

Wemade’s growth will not be limited to a single instance; the company’s goals include repeatable and continuous growth, through which it can achieve both quantitative and qualitative growth in the process of evolution in adjusting to the changes of the market and the times.
eco system
Wemade’s values do not aim for absurd and impossible goals. Instead, its goals include the establishing of a value ecosystem that will enable individuals to reach their goals by performing appropriate roles in each of their positions, all together as an organic group.
Wemade's value system consists of a virtuous cycle which enables a geometric progression of growth that is more accelerated and in broader strokes each time the company grows.

Virtuous cycle of corporate values

Wemade’s value of corporate growth, the inherent goal of every company, is where the loop of the virtuous cycle of values begins. The recruiting of talented individuals is necessary for corporate growth. Recruited individuals are granted roles specific to what they are expected to do. The performance of recruited individuals in each of their roles leads to the achievement of goals, which in turn contributes to corporate growth. The company shares the fruits of growth with all personnel in the form of rewards, which are calculated based on the criteria of each individual’s performance in their responsibilities according to their roles. These rewards will continuously motivate individuals, which will lead to individual growth towards bigger rewards. And individual growth will make it possible for everyone to take on bigger roles and corresponding responsibilities to achieve even greater results. This virtuous cycle structure will keep on repeating itself, realizing never-ending corporate growth and individual growth.

Duality of corporate values

Balance between all components is crucial for a viable virtuous cycle. At Wemade, this balance is called the duality of corporate values, and the company and all individuals within the company strive to keep a balanced value system. This may sound like two conflicting things at work, like darkness and light, or the two sides of a coin. However, each component explains the existence of the other component.

Corporate and individual growth
Sustainable corporate growth is possible through the growth of individuals who make up the company. If individual growth does not lead to corporate growth, the reason for the failure can be found in problems like the absence of a vision or goals, or issues in task management. In cases like these, the very validity of the business of a company must be questioned. In other cases, if individuals cannot keep up with corporate growth, the company must additionally recruit new talent fit for the stage of growth it has entered. This will induce costs of overpopulation, which will result in negligent corporate decision-making and decreases in productivity. The company, and the individuals that make up the company, must be aware of how their own growth could become the driving force of the counterpart’s growth.
Role and responsibilities
Individual roles within the company and the organization clarify the tasks each individual must carry out to effectively accomplish their goals. With these roles, rights to things like autonomy in task management, organizational management, and leadership are granted, along with responsibilities to certain things like goals that must be achieved, efficiency in the task management process, and fairness. In the end, although the rights that come with individual roles also come with responsibilities, when it comes to evaluation of individuals, whether or not each individual has fulfilled their responsibilities is more important than whether or not they are given the rights.
Achievements and rewards
Within a company, individual achievement is directly connected to corporate performance, and is the driver of corporate growth. Under the going concern assumption, the company must encourage individual growth for continuous growth. And the motivation for individual growth is derived from rewards. This is how important rewards are, which is why decisions on the criteria of distribution and degree of rewards must be determined in an impartial manner. For this to be possible, the degree and judgement of performance must be the only and the most important criteria for rewards, as well as one that can be agreed on by all.

Areas of Involvement


Wemade is game company with its main areas of involvement in the developing and publishing of online games.


Wemade is currently promoting the construction of metaverses as a future key area of involvement for the company. Here, metaverse refers to worlds that contain within them independent systems of politics, economics, societies, and/or cultures, that either project, or expand on, reality.

Licensing of Intellectual Property Rights

One of the areas Wemade is in the business of is licensing and merchandising based on IP rights generated and accumulated from the developing and publishing of games.


Wemade is currently promoting the business of NFT & FT as a future key area of involvement for the company. Here, NFT & FT businesses refer to the digitalization of all world assets on the foundation of decentralized blockchains.


Wemade strives not only for corporate growth, but also to contribute to the growth of the gaming market, as well as the fostering of a healthy game and IT ecosystem. Continuing in this endeavor, the company is also in the business of discovering and investing in companies with potential.

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