Ethical Reporting Guide

The Wemade corporate ethics consulting center exists for the promotion of corporate transparency and establishment of ethical corporate culture.
It is a channel for entities such as cooperating companies to report on issues of corporate ethics violations related to Wemade or affiliated companies, or its personnel.

Informant Protection

  • The content of reports and identities of informants are kept confidential in accordance with the relevant laws.
  • Informants have the right to receive protective measures in accordance with relevant laws such as the Public Interest Whistleblower Protection Act.
  • Informants will not be unfairly disadvantaged for making a report.

Types of Reports

  • Acts that induce unfair transactions such as preferential treatment regarding cooperating companies
  • Accepting or giving money or other equivalent valuables, or other monetary transactions
  • Fraudulent acts related to accounting (manipulation of accounting information, etc.)
  • Fraudulent or improper acts such as embezzlement or misappropriation of assets
  • Leaks of company or customer information
  • Violations of other laws or company regulations, and other unethical acts


  • Please be advised that reports that correspond to any of the following may be excluded from further investigation, and that the informants of these reports may not be notified of the results of these cases.
  • - Enquiries and complaints related to game services, which should be directed to the customer service center
  • - Cases where the informant demands preferential treatment related to the content of the report or has unjust intentions for making the report
  • - Cases that include slander against specified individuals from malicious intent with no evidence, false information, or one-sided claims
  • - Cases regarding private lives of related individuals that are not in the company's purview
  • - Cases where the report does not include enough specific details such as the specific method employed (to whom, how, etc.) to a degree that makes it difficult for the investigation to verify to the truth of the report

Ethical Reporting

  • Reports on issues of corporate ethics violations related to Wemade or affiliated companies, or its personnel can be made here. Issues such as those including slander based on false information, or those related to private lives of related individuals are not within the purview of this channel.
  • The informant's information is kept strictly confidential, and the informant may not be notified of the results of the processed report in cases of name undisclosed reports, and also in other cases according to report type or other conditions described in the precautions.
  • The results of the report will be sent to the e-mail address or delivered using other contact information enclosed with the report, and the informant's name will remain undisclosed to third parties.
Informant Type*
  • Name disclosed
  • Name undisclosed
Informant name *
Email address*
Phone number*
File attachment
Human verification

Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement

1. Purpose of personal information collection and use

Processing of report document and communication of results

2. Types of personal information collected

Types collected: Name (Full name), Phone number, email address

3. Period of retention and use of personal information

Collected information is destroyed 1 year after the report is determined to be closed.
However, in exceptional cases where it is required due to related laws, the collected information will be retained for a certain amount of time.

Related laws : Data may be preserved indefinitely in cases that are specified in a comprehensive report during the report audit process in accordance with Article 413-2 (Preparation of Audit Records) of the Commercial Act.

The informant may not agree to the “Personal Information Collection and Use Agreement.”
However, if you do not agree, you will only be able to choose “name undisclosed” for your report, and the company cannot notify you of the results of the report.

※ Please refer to the “Privacy Policy” for more detailed information.

※ If you do not agree, you will be able to make “name undisclosed” ethical reports.

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