Executive Director

Park, Kwan Ho
Job Title
Chairman of the Board,
Wemade Co., Ltd.
Professional & Educational Background
  • BA in Business Administration, Kookmin University
  • Former Auditor & Head of Development, ACTOZ SOFT CO., LTD.
  • Founded Wemade Co., Ltd.
  • Former CEO of Wemade Co., Ltd.
  • Former Executive Director of Joymax Co., Ltd.
  • Executive Director & Chairman of the Board, Wemade Co., Ltd.
Chang, Hyun Guk
Job Title
CEO, Wemade Co., Ltd.
Professional & Educational Background
  • BA in Business Administration, Seoul National University
  • MS in management Engineering, KAIST
  • Former CFO & Director of strategic Planning, NEOWIZ
  • Former Head of Strategic Planning, Wemade Co., Ltd.
  • Executive Director and CEO, Wemade Co., Ltd.

Independent Director

Han, Soongsoo
Job Title
Independent Director
Professional & Educational Background
  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Accounting)
  • M.B.A., Seoul National University (Accounting)
  • B.B.A., Seoul National University
  • Former Assistant Professor, Singapore Management University
  • Former Independent Director, Webzen Inc.
  • Professor, Korea University Business School
  • Member of Accounting Deliberation Committee, Financial Supervisory Service
  • Member of Accounting Research Committee, KICPA
  • Member of Korea Accounting Standard Board, Korea Accounting Institute
  • Vice-chairman, Korean Association for Accounting and Policy
  • Independent Director, LG Energy Solution.
  • Independent Director, Wemade Co., Ltd.


Woo, Jong Sik
Job Title
Professional & Educational Background
  • Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, Korea University
  • Former President, The Korea Game Industry Agency
  • Former CEO, BKON Communication Inc.
  • Former Professor, Department of Game and Multimedia, Woosong University
  • Vice president, The Korean Entertainment Industry Association
  • Auditor, Wemade Co., Ltd.
  • Auditor, Joymax Co., Ltd.